Explore Flavour

Visit the Okavango Brewery, Northern Botswana’s first licensed microbrewery and taste a craft beer that is produced from the finest quality ingredients, including locally grown millet and mineral water from the Okavango Delta.
Learn about the millet malting and brewery process, as well as the story behind the brewery. Okavango Craft Brewery produces a range of delicious craft beers using millet that is grown by small-scale farmers coexisting with elephants in Northern Botswana. The brewery is in partnership with a local NGO, Ecoexist and together they give local farmers an opportunity to benefit from a new market. This offers some reward for their efforts to coexist with elephants and create sustainable farming practises that are tied to a wildlife economy.
End your tour off with a delicious meal and craft beer at the gastro pub and beer garden at the brewery.